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Common Symptoms of Mesothelioma

by Cary Graham | November 29th, 2016

When the dangers of asbestos were first proposed several years ago, industry tried to discount the claims. That’s how it goes sometimes with capitalism—companies put profits before people. Unfortunately for the tens of thousands of mesothelioma victims throughout the years, that greed has cost innocent people their lives.

Mesothelioma is an incurable form of cancer that affects membranes lining the abdominal cavity and internal organs. The only true link to mesothelioma is the inhalation of asbestos fibers. What makes this disease even more frightening is the fact that these cancer-causing fibers can stay in your system for years before developing into cancer, meaning you may have been exposed decades ago and just now showing symptoms.

Those symptoms include:

  • abdominal pain or feelings of fullness
  • chest pain
  • difficulty swallowing
  • fluid in the lining of the lungs
  • lower back pain
  • loss of appetite
  • persistent coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • weakness

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your condition. Contact our experienced asbestos injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. Victims have secured tens of millions of dollars already, and you may have a similar claim. Contact us today.

Onglyza and Fatal Forms of Cancer

by Cary Graham | November 22nd, 2016

Type 2 diabetes has become a common diagnosis over the last ten years. As with most diseases, along with the prevalence of the condition comes new medications. Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR came onto the scene several years ago ato help treat Type 2 diabetes. Despite the positive impacts, studies have shown using Onglyza has been linked to severe health complications in patients that may result in death.

Patients who take Onglyza or Kombiglyze XR may face an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and fatal heart failure. The New England Journal of Medicine and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have both warned of these potential complications, urging patients to consider the risks before taking the drug. Unfortunately, these warnings came too late for a number of victims who developed cancer or suffered fatal heart failure as a result of use.

If you or someone you love was diagnosed with cancer or suffered heart failure after taking Onglyza or Kombiglize XR, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Contact our experienced Onglyza drug injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’ll investigate the cause of your condition and fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.

da Vinci Surgical Robots Linked to Serious Injuries

by Cary Graham | November 15th, 2016

As technological advances are made around the world, those advancements tend to reach the medical industry quickly. That’s certainly true of the da Vinci Surgical Robot—an advanced surgical tool used in 2,000+ medical facilities around the world. More than 10 years ago, this device was approved for use in laparoscopic surgeries, such as prostate removals and hysterectomies, yet concern over its safety continues to be in question.

In recent years, certain procedures performed by da Vinci Surgical Robots have resulted in increased complications for the patient. The issue is the loss of tactile feedback for the surgeon, which he/she depended upon previous to incorporating surgical robots into the operating room. When these complications arise, the patient is often forced to go through additional painful, invasive surgeries to correct the issues, which carry their own risks.

If you or someone you love suffered health complications after undergoing surgery performed by a da Vinci Surgical Robot, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our experienced defective medical device attorneys today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’ll fully investigate the nature of your injuries to determine exactly how much you deserve for what you’ve gone through, and then we’ll fight to get you every penny. Contact us today.

Fen-Phen Linked to Vascular Heart Disease

by Cary Graham | November 8th, 2016

Everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, though it’s often difficult to make sound food decisions given how busy we all are. For those who struggle with obesity, Fen-Phen and other diet drugs seemed like a safe and efficient way to keep their weight in check. Unfortunately, many have experienced extreme health complications from the medication, leaving them wondering where they can turn for help.

Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough has been helping the victims of diet drug side effects get the compensation they deserve for more than a decade. The manufacturers market these drugs as a quick fix for losing weight, luring unsuspecting consumers into a potentially fatal situation. Fen-Phen, for instance, has been linked to numerous diagnoses of vascular heart disease, even though the drug has been pulled from the shelves.

If you suffered from vascular heart disease after taking Fen-Phen, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. Call our experienced drug injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. You deserve to be paid for what you’ve been through, and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve.

Birth Control Drugs May Put Women at Risk

by Cary Graham | November 1st, 2016

There are a number of different birth control solutions on the market. In fact, there are so many, you may not even know which your doctor has prescribed you. If you don’t know, we encourage you to find out immediately, as several birth control medications and devices have been linked to serious health complications that could be fatal.

Some birth control drugs that may put women at risk include:

  • Yaz and Yasmin, oral medications that have been linked to serious heart problems, blood clots, and strokes.
  • Depo-Provera, a hormonal birth control injection that may be linked to breast cancer.
  • Essure, a permanent birth control implant that could lead to severe side effects that require corrective surgeries.
  • Mirena IUD, an implanted device that may cause uterine perforation, ectopic pregnancy, and infection.
  • Ocella, an oral medication linked to severe cardiovascular complications.

If you suffered health complications after taking birth control medication, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Call the experienced drug injury attorneys at Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’ve helped women in your same situation, and we’re ready to help you too. However, the window for collecting compensation may be limited, so contact us today.

Millions Awarded to Transvaginal Mesh Victims

by Cary Graham | October 25th, 2016

At Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough, we help the victims of defective medical devices get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. From hip replacements to bone grafts, we’ve seen the devastation defective medical devices can have on patients. Potentially the most devastating of these cases deals with defective transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants.

TVM implants were designed to treat women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The mesh is implanted to keep the patient’s organs in place inside the body cavity. Due to defective design and/or materials, many TVM implants have been known to fail, resulting in painful and potentially life-threatening complications. These complications most often can only be rectified by additional surgeries.

After multiple FDA safety warnings, transvaginal mesh implants are still being used in surgeries today, putting additional patients at risk. However, there is something victims can do to get the justice they deserve.

If you suffered complications after a TVM implant, give us a call immediately. You may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Many victims have already won lawsuits in the millions of dollars, and the experienced TVM injury lawyers at Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough may be able to help you get a similar verdict.

Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

3 Common Birth Defects Linked to Celexa

by Cary Graham | October 18th, 2016

Antidepressant medication is often prescribed to help treat mild to severe depression, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders. Many of these medications, such as Celexa, work as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) that increase serotonin levels in the brain, producing a temporary feeling of happiness and wellbeing. Although SSRIs have been successful in helping relieve the crippling symptoms of depression, they’ve also been linked to terrifying side effects for expectant mothers.

The FDA has warned that expectant mothers who took Celexa and other SSRIs during pregnancy have an increased risk of their children developing birth defects. These birth defects include:

  • Craniosynostosis—A condition when the joints in an infant’s skull close too soon and the brain doesn’t have enough room to develop.
  • Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN)—a potentially fatal condition that results in a newborn’s blood being directed away from the lungs because of problems with the circulatory system.
  • Cleft Palate—a condition in which a developing baby’s mouth fails to fully develop while in the womb.

If your child suffered birth defects after you were prescribed Celexa during pregnancy, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Call our experienced drug injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. Your child deserves the best medical treatment available, and we’ll fight to secure the money that treatment will require. Contact us today.

New Stryker Recall for Defective Hip Implants

by Cary Graham | October 7th, 2016

Hip replacement surgery can have a profoundly positive impact on a patient’s mobility. Unfortunately, not every patient that undergoes hip replacement surgery gets to enjoy the intended benefits of the procedure. In recent years, thousands of hip replacement patients have suffered severe health complications due to defective hip replacement components from manufacturers such as Stryker and DePuy, and it looks like that trend continues.

Due to extensive complaints concerning the failure of key components in their Accolade TMZF, Accolade 2, Meridian, and Citation models, Stryker is expected to announce yet another recall of select hip replacement components. The defective components concern the femoral head assembly, an integral part of the surgical device. Failure of these components can lead to significant health complications for the patient, often requiring painful corrective surgeries to correct.

If you or someone you love suffered health complications due to failed hip implant components, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Call our experienced hip recall lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’ll fully investigate the cause of your injuries and fight to get you maximum compensation from the manufacturer. You deserve payment for what you’ve gone through, and we’re ready to help you get it.

Tanning Bed Cancer Diagnosis Lead to Lawsuits

by Cary Graham | October 4th, 2016

The summer sun is fading and the hot weather is beginning to give way to cooler temperatures. Although fall is just beginning, winter will be here before you know it, leaving many folks looking for ways to keep their summer tans alive. If that sounds like you, we recommend you take tanning beds off the list of options. Excessive exposure to UV radiation from tanning beds has been linked to life-threatening cancers, such as melanoma.

Tanning beds expose users to two different types of UV radiation, both of which can lead to cancer. The FDA issued regulations in 2014 to strengthen the warnings placed on tanning beds, but for many, those warnings came too late. Thousands of people across the U.S. have been diagnosed with skin cancers that may be have been in part caused by the use of tanning beds. Many of these victims are seeking financial compensation for their injuries and are turning to Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough to handle their claim.

If you were diagnosed with cancer after using an indoor tanning device, give us a call immediately for a free evaluation of your claim. You may be entitled to compensation, but your time could be limited to bring a claim. Call us today and we’ll get started on your case immediately.

Appetite Suppressants Linked to Rare Heart Disorder

by Cary Graham | September 27th, 2016

The intense pressure many Americans place on themselves to be thin has led some to undergo risky surgical procedures, as well as ingest a variety of pharmaceuticals claiming to be a quick diet fix. Unfortunately, some of these medications can cause severe side effects and even death, leaving thousands of patients searching for safer alternatives.

In recent years, appetite-suppressant drugs have become popular amongst those looking to lose significant weight, as they seem to carry less risk than medications such as Fen-Phen. However, a potential link has been found between those who take appetite-suppressant drugs and the development of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH), a rare, progressive disorder. PPH can lead to significant health complications if not recognized and treated.

Common symptoms of PPH include:

  • flushed color of the lips or skin
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain
  • coughing up blood
  • dizziness, fainting or fatigue
  • edema (swelling of feet or ankles)

If you or someone you love developed Primary Pulmonary Hypertension after taking appetite-suppressant drugs, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Call our drug injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. Your time may be limited to bring a claim, so contact us today.